genii webkey usb faq


Genii innovation is protected by a series of patents, trademarks and copyrights owned by Intermed Asia Limited..


The Genii paper Webkeys et Webcard are protected by international patents and patent applications, owned by Intermed Asia Limited, subsidiary of Polyconcept group

  • > Europe : EP 2384500; 14161887.6
  • > USA : US 8656076; 9,460,378
  • > Canada : CA2,748,855
  • > Australia : 2009334426; 2014201828
  • > New Zealand : 593878
  • > Hong Kong : HK1161410; HK1171165
  • > China : ZL200920003116.5; 201320032499,5

The patents cover the integration of the Webkey into paper, and the Webcard construction by Intermed Asia Limited


Genii brand is registered by Intermed Asia Limited.

Any unauthorized reproduction, in full or in part, of the aforementioned patents and/or brands is forbidden and could constitute a counterfeit potentially liable in damages in a court of law.